Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Newsbomb: Cancertown Back in Print, Fallen Heroes Comic and More...

Barry Nugent's Fallen Heroes novel is an extraordinary, genre-spanning work that hit the top of Amazon's best-seller list. Given Barry's status as co-founder of Britain's premier comics-and-related-culture podcast, The Geek Syndicate, the announcement of the book's adaptation to comic form was not only welcome - it was necessary.

The first part of this adaptation is getting close to release now, and teasers are beginning to appear on its website. From what I've been shown so far (much of which I can't even talk about yet), this is going to be a stormer. Definitely one to check out.

While I'm pimping other people's work, I should note that Ian M Cullen and Wayne Hall's SFP-Now show (formerly Sci-Fi Pulse Radio) has switched over to podcast format and can now be found at its all-new site. The first episode is up now, and features an exclusive interview with Hotwire artist and writer Steve Pugh, who talks about producing his first ever solo comic for Radical Publishing.

With The Indifference Engine hitting the "Most Downloaded" list on the PlayStation Network charts last week (pretty staggering, considering the quantity and calibre of the competition on display there) and Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth on its way back to PSP tomorrow, it's a pretty good time for me in terms of digital comics. On the real-world side of things, Harry Markos of Markosia Enterprises has just announced that Cancertown is currently scheduled to come back into print later this year. This is fantastic news for me. More details as I get hold of them, and here's an awesome celebratory Morley sketch Stephen Downey spotted on Deviant Art (reproduced here with the kind permission of its artist, Garrett Davis).

Catch you on the flip-side...

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