Monday, 14 February 2011

Broadcast News...

Some of you may remember that around this time last year I was talking about starting to write the text for an art book by the mighty Henry Flint. It was due to be published by Insomnia, but then whatever happened happened, and we went hunting for a new home for the book.

We are now pleased to announce that the book will be published by Markosia later this year and will make its first convention appearance in October at BICS in the UK.

Broadcast: The TV Doodles of Henry Flint will contain around 100 pieces of Henry's personal work, along with history, commentary and a look at Henry's artistic process. Broadcast will be Markosia's first art portfolio book, but when Harry Markos heard that it was looking for a new publisher he leapt at it, being a big fan of Henry's work himself.

Henry Flint, for the benefit of any non-comics readers, is responsible for some truly staggering artwork. He has amassed credits in books from Vertigo, DC, Wildstorm and Dark Horse - to say nothing of his truly epic body of 2000AD work. If you are a 2000AD reader you can't fail to have seen Henry's art, as it has graced the pages of not only the mighty Nemesis, but also Rogue Trooper, Judge Dredd and ABC Warriors, among many others.

My job in all this will be to provide the text to go with the images, exploring the process from inspiration to final expression and doing my best to understand how a man with things like the image below in his head can somehow still function in an essentially rational world:

Henry said about the images:

"I think it's all due to health really, new family, stress, giving up smoking, losing weight. I happened to relax on a holiday to Butlins about 4 years ago and did the first of these drawings while watching TV (first drawing was the bike giant).

"Then it became a thing where I realized how much TV I was watching and decided to draw while watching TV so as not to feel I was wasting so much time. Then it became quite productive if a little compulsive."

I'll be working closely with Henry to write the text and translate this hallucinatory mix of the disarming and the disturbing for human readers. We hope to have some previews on show at the Bristol Comics Convention in May.

Speaking of Bristol, that will, of course, be the official launchpad of Slaughterman's Creed. Pre-orders are going strong, with 2/3rds of the limited edition already spoken for. If you want one, speak up now!

The book got a storming review on the Small Press Big Mouth podcast last week (episode 28), if you want to have a listen. In the episode they mention a free preview on my website, so feel free to take a look at that.

We're just starting to plan some post launch events, so keep an eye on the Slaughterman's Creed Facebook Group for the latest info.

In other news - and there's a lot of it to come in the next few weeks - Barry Nugent has just announced I am going to be working with him on a Fallen Heroes one-shot spin-off comic, delving into the murky history of The Reverend! More on that very soon...

...and I'm gone.

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