Tuesday, 29 March 2011

"Hooked Like a Slab of Meat..."

Recently, I was contacted by a horror journalist who was looking to put together an article on Slaughterman's Creed. A number of very cool things have started to happen as a result of that, and I'll be going through some of those in more detail in future blog posts.

One of the more immediate upshots was that noted comics polymath David Hine agreed to read the book and give his thoughts on it. David Hine, of course, has an incredible list of credits as both writer and artist, spanning around thirty years and including everything from creator-owned indie books to the biggest titles and companies in the business. This is a man who's done it all and keeps on going. So, with his permission, here's what he had to say about the first chapter alone:

"I've had a read of Slaughterman's Creed and enjoyed it very much. It sits very well with the tradition of British gangster movies from 'Brighton Rock' through 'Get Carter' and 'The Long Good Friday' to 'Lock, Stock'. And there's a nod to 'No Country for Old Men' too. It's not the first time the image of the slaughterman has been used to show human beings brutalized and butchered like meat, but the metaphor is extended here to reflect the way human trafficking reduces human beings to cattle. The lead character is unusually enigmatic. In spite of his trade, he operates within a strict code of ethics and it's not obvious which way that will lead him in future episodes. There are some nice twists here and the promise of more to come. It has me hooked like a slab of meat. "

So, y'know, I'm a bit happy about that...

In other news, as reported on the iFanboy site, Markosia seems to be having a bit of a mad moment. With what senior analysts are calling a "crap-tonne" of their books suddenly becoming available on Graphic.ly, they've decided to mark the occasion by offering anyone who buys just one of their books in that format the chance to win all of them. Full details are listed on iFanboy, so it might be worth checking that out before someone comes to their senses...

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