Friday, 1 April 2011

The Task of Blood: Slaughterman's Creed Panel at Bristol

Okay, this is pretty cool.

The organisers of this year's Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo just got in touch with us this week to offer us a Slaughterman's Creed panel. Leapt on that like a shot, as you can imagine. The entire "Chopping Bloc" of Stephen Downey, Vicky Stonebridge and Nic Wilkinson will be there, and we've even managed to rope in Scott Grandison of the terrific Comic Book Outsiders podcast to host the thing. We've been given a time slot, a room and a projector to play with, which is probably more responsibility than anyone with my history of pathologically poor impulse control should ever be given.

So, if you find yourself at the Mercure side of the Expo at 12pm on the Sunday, and you're remotely interested in witnessing the kind of moral and literal damage a book like Slaughterman's Creed can do, feel free to stop by. Here are the official details:

The Task of Blood: Creating Slaughterman's Creed

Join Cy Dethan, Stephen Downey, Vicky Stonebridge and Nic Wilkinson on the chopping block as they cut to the heart of their tale of meat and murder.

The panel will be hosted by Scott Grandison of Comic Book Outsiders and recorded for a special edition of the podcast.

Details: SPEXPO, Mercure Hotel, 12pm on Sunday 15th of May

The whole gang will be sketching and signing at table 46 in the Mercure, and at the Markosia stand throughout the weekend.

There will also be sweets, face painting and other surprises. to read a free preview of the book or Facebook Group for latest news.

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