Friday, 6 May 2011

Bristol '11: More Cy Than You Can Handle

Well, we're about a week out from Bristol and it's looking like I'll be more visible this time around than I've ever been. Apologies if that sounds like a threat.

Obviously, I'll be on the Slaughterman's Creed stand for most of the weekend (table 46 at the Mercure), where I'll be pitching copies of the book along with Nic Wilkinson, Stephen Downey and Vicky Stonebridge. I gather the plan to paint people's faces in the style of one of Creed's more notable antagonists, Mr. Green is still in place. There may also be candy.

At 12pm on the Sunday, the entire "Chopping Bloc" will be on a panel at the Mercure, entitled "The Task of Blood: Creating Slaughterman's Creed". The discussion will be hosted by scholar and gentleman, Scott Grandison of the Comic Book Outsiders podcast. I consider my primary purpose at this one to be to repeat everything Stephen says at a slower pace (for those who haven't heard him speak, Stephen communicates in the language of hummingbirds).

I'll be back on the stand for a few hours after that, before Nic and I take our places on a second panel at 4pm - this one called "Small Press Big Ideas". Here's the blurb from Dan Thompson:

With the falling cost of producing comics and the rise of the internet as a tool for marketing and distributing them, it's becoming more and more viable for creators to publish mainstream, commercial comics by themselves. These books share little in common with the more artistically driven labours-of-love that are traditionally associated with the small press, so is it right that they are all classed under the same banner? We will examine whether there is a difference between a true small press book and a mainstream book that is printed in small numbers. Is it damaging creators and limiting ambition by creating an artificial underclass of comics? Is it time for up-and-coming creators to abandon the term 'small press' and just make comics?

The line-up for this one looks like it'll be Steve Penfold, Peter Rogers, Richmond Clements, Nic Wilkinson and me, with Mal from Fallen Angel Media hosting. Should be interesting.

Right - back to it!

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