Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Green Streets: Slaughterman's Creed Characters Invade Canterbury

Well, I think we can call that a success!

The Slaughterman's Creed signing at Whatever Comics in Canterbury kicked off at noon on Saturday, and I was absolutely blown away by the reception we got. The local media had been plugging the event for weeks and Manny Armario, store owner and friend of mine since 1990, had been spreading the word to all his customers. The weather was with us and the whole thing was a blast.

The first thing to strike me as we approached the shop to set up was local actress Karol Steele, who had gone to enormous trouble to portray the book's most twisted villain, Mr. Green. Karol is incredibly talented and utterly fearless, spending the whole day outside the shop alerting the public to the event and drawing people in. I can't even begin to explain how great it was to have her involved in this.

Manny himself put on a profoundly convincing turn as Big Lenny Addison, coming fully tooled-up and ready to rumble. Alongside the signing, Manny ran a raffle in support of the charity, Refuge, with a piece of original Mr. Green art from Stephen Downey and Vicky Stonebridge as a prize.

Nic and I met a lot of people, including several old friends from our time at university in Canterbury. As I've mentioned before, visiting Canterbury always feels like coming home to me, but chatting with old karate and gamer friends was worth the trip in itself. Artist Aaron Moran showed up with a portfolio of art to show to Harry Markos. I first met Aaron at the Fall of the Wolfmen signing a while back and can honestly say his style is unlike anything else I've ever seen. He can do some really impressive things, and I'm looking forward to making what I hope will be the first of many Moran-related announcements pretty soon.

The gig was very well organised and attended, the atmosphere and book sales were fantastic and I'm already looking forward to an opportunity to do it all again.

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