Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Phantom Lung and the Garden of Dead Liars

Okay, so yesterday I got a new book greenlit at Markosia. Here's the outline:

When a series of inexplicable, yet somehow connected, murders are committed by people with no conceivable connection to their victims, a retired Russian spymaster appears with an incredible story. The one successful product of Russian remote viewing experimentation has finally resurfaced, and has embarked on a murderous crusade against anyone connected with the programme, his delusions painting him as an otherworldly adventurer in pursuit of a dastardly villain.

Phantom Lung and the Garden of Dead Liars is a dual-reality fantasy in five parts. A delusional, obsessive conspiracy theorist uses Cold War-era remote viewing techniques to move his consciousness from body to body at will, his victims determined by distorted half-memories and an overwhelming paranoia. Wherever Phantom Lung travels, he leaves borrowed, stolen and murdered bodies in his wake.

Phantom Lung is coming...

Don't hold your breath.

Writer: Cy Dethan
Art: Simon Wyatt
Letters: Nic Wilkinson

I've been hoping to work on a book with Unbelievable's Si Wyatt for ages. Si's got a powerful style with a real sense of wild magic to it, so this is looking to be one weird ride. Here are a few of his concept sketches.

I'll be updating here and over on my main site as things progress, so watch this space for more details.

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