Monday, 1 August 2011

The Cancer Cell Multiplies

Here in the Cancer Cell we like a good paradox, so we're currently multiplying (the team) by dividing (the work). No harm ever came of a paradox, did it?

That is to say, we are pleased to welcome Peter Mason as the colourist for Cancertown 2: Blasphemous Tumours.

You can see the 2 pages he did as samples below.

Cancertown 2: Page 10
Pencils and inks: Graeme Howard, Colours: Peter Mason
Cancertown 2: Page 02 Pencils and inks: Graeme Howard, Colours: Peter Mason

We all want to say thanks to everyone who was interested in joining the book and sent samples in. The talent on show was spectacular and it was a very hard decision. Hopefully there will be opportunities to work on other things together in the future.

Peter's colours bring just the right mix of threatening surrealism to the Cancertown scenes and the increasingly hollow, disconnected, desperate world of Morley's London.

Peter lives in Herne Bay and loves to draw all the time - on the bus, in lessons (when he shouldn't have been drawing), in the garden - in fact he will draw anywhere and any time.

On the net he is known as UNiCOMICS and you can see more of his work over at his DeviantArt Page, on his visual blog. He also has his own web comic called THONK.

Peter says: "I think its going to be amazing working on the book. I cant wait to get started!"

I met Peter at Whatever Comics at the signing event for Fall Of The Wolfmen. It will be good to bring him back there next year at the other side of the table when we launch the book!

Incidentally, this is also where I also met Aaron Moran - with whom I'm working on two other projects right now. So the message here is get out to events at your local comic shop - you never know what might happen!

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