Friday, 7 October 2011

Panel to Panel

So, the official programme of events for this year's Thought Bubble convention in Leeds has been posted and there are a couple of items that are particularly relevant to my interests. Firstly, we've got Nic Wilkinson (my most frequent collaborator and single greatest human I've ever known) taking the stage with Jim Campbell to give an insight into the technique and thinking that goes into their lettering work. Here's the run-down from the Thought Bubble site.

Saturday 19th of November, 13:20 – 14:10, Alea Cinema Room, 18+

Part of the WAW+P Independent Publishing Forum hosted by the Thought Bubble Writer in Residence Matt Sheret.

Nic Wilkinson and Jim Campbell take us through the art of lettering – getting your dialogue onto the page in the best way possible! An often overlooked aspect of comic making; this exploration will include a talk on the theory behind the practice, and a Q&A session.

With the exception of my Markosia Starship Troopers issues, Nic has lettered basically every comic I've ever written, so I've been getting a ring-side view of her process for literally years and I still get blown away by the subtle-yet-irresistible way she leads the reader's eye around the page.

The other thing is that there's an Unseen Shadows panel on the Sunday, where veteran podcaster Barry "Bullwhip" Nugent will be talking about the way his Fallen Heroes novel has exploded into a much larger (and still expanding) universe of comics, audio dramas and more.

Sunday 20th of November, 12:00 – 12:45, Alea Cinema Room, 18+

Meet The Team That Expanded The Universe. Learn how the self-published cult hit novel Fallen Heroes became the epicentre of one of the biggest transmedia experiments in the UK indie arts world comprising comics, prose, audio, live action and including trailblazing talent from all creative fields.

The final line-up for the panel isn't confirmed as of this writing, but if I get the call I'll be there to talk about The Reverend: Wrath of God, my contribution to the Unseen Shadows world.

Update: I've now received confirmation that I'll be on the Unseen Shadows panel. Seriously looking forward to this, as I had a great time on the story.

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