Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Suddenly, Comics!

Funny to think that I genuinely believed 2013 was going to be a quiet year for me, comics-wise.

Seriously, I was imagining I'd have very little to announce, virtually nothing to launch and hardly anything at all to write. After an intense 2012, I was looking ahead for the first time in ages to a year relatively free of deadlines, artist hunts and red-mist scripting frenzy.

Yeah - fuck that, pretty much.

It started disarmingly enough with a message from Adam Cheal, mastermind of the upcoming British Showcase anthology from Markosia. After a brief discussion, I set to work on a ten-page action/horror script called "Gateway Drugs", roping in the outstanding Roland Bird and my Cancertown 2 co-conspirators, Pete Mason and Nic Wilkinson. More on that as it rolls on.

Fair enough, I thought. Might as well snoop around a bit and see what else is going on. In retrospect, I think that was probably my first error.

So, here's what I've got happening this year, in no specific order:

1) A project that's been in the works for five fucking years is now agonisingly close to completion and is looking phenomenal.

2) Potential art teams have stepped forward for two new full-length graphic novels, and an agreement to publish has been reached on one of them already.

3) The first pages of a new Markosia book are expected any time now from a team I've been hoping to work with since forever.

4) The art on my new Unseen Shadows 88-pager has started coming in and it's heartbreakingly wonderful.

5) Talks have begun on another potential Unseen Shadows project I can't yet mention.

6) The first inked pages of a historical/counter-factual horror book are coming in and the project is almost ready to pitch.

7) An art team is assembling as we speak for a 6-part triple-threaded revenge book that may be the most technically demanding script I've ever attempted.

8) Concepts for a full-length samurai story I wrote last year are now coming in and are incredible.

9) The super-secret digital project I started work on late in 2012 is in full-scale production now.

So, basically, my balls are well and truly in the air this year. On top of that I've got several new ideas to develop, any one of which could evolve into a full-blown pitch in a heartbeat.

Writer's block is for the weak.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Broken Art V2

Virtually complete page 1 of The Reverend: Blood Cries Out. This is far and away the highest level of work I've ever seen from the always impressive team of Steve Penfold and Gat Melvyn. Letters, as ever, by the wonderful Nic Wilkinson.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Broken Art

The Reverend: Blood Cries Out is set to be my third adventure into Barry Nugent's Unseen Shadows universe, and my second crack at biblically inspired vengeance factory, Reverend Jonathan Bishop. The twist this time is that the story will be a full-length 88-page stand-alone piece. Here's the blurb:

Reverend Jonathan Bishop is a weapon forged by fate and the cruelties of men, his life an endless crusade waged in shadow and blood. He is a one-man holy war, but he is not the first product of the machinery that created him.

When the twisted Broken Heart cult seeks to conjure and enslave a force they are ill-equipped to control, Bishop must face a custom-built killer who knows him as only a brother can. The Reverend has finally met his equal in battle, and faith alone may no longer sustain him.

More news on this (and possibly another related project) as I get the all-clear from on high. For now, here's a sneak preview of the in-progress first page. Art is by Moon co-creator, Steve Penfold with colours to come from Gat Melvyn. Nic Wilkinson will be doing her usual magic on the lettering.

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