Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Broken Art

The Reverend: Blood Cries Out is set to be my third adventure into Barry Nugent's Unseen Shadows universe, and my second crack at biblically inspired vengeance factory, Reverend Jonathan Bishop. The twist this time is that the story will be a full-length 88-page stand-alone piece. Here's the blurb:

Reverend Jonathan Bishop is a weapon forged by fate and the cruelties of men, his life an endless crusade waged in shadow and blood. He is a one-man holy war, but he is not the first product of the machinery that created him.

When the twisted Broken Heart cult seeks to conjure and enslave a force they are ill-equipped to control, Bishop must face a custom-built killer who knows him as only a brother can. The Reverend has finally met his equal in battle, and faith alone may no longer sustain him.

More news on this (and possibly another related project) as I get the all-clear from on high. For now, here's a sneak preview of the in-progress first page. Art is by Moon co-creator, Steve Penfold with colours to come from Gat Melvyn. Nic Wilkinson will be doing her usual magic on the lettering.

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