Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mystery Project #3: Paper

If you know anything about my adventures in comics so far, you've probably noticed that I never feel entirely comfortable unless I've got a book in the works with Stephen Downey. I was first introduced to Stephen in January of 2008 and he's still one of the most energetic and versatile artists I've met.

So, after Cancertown and Slaughterman's Creed, you might think you know more or less what to expect from us by now. You may be in for a surprise. More than one, in fact, as we're also collaborating with Conor Boyle on this one. Conor's a guy I've been hoping to team up with for a while now, with a style that combines enormous power with great subtlety. Having the chance to put a book together with both him and Stephen at once is... well, it's just fucking immense.

Sneak preview of page one in progress. More to follow as and when...

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