Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mystery Project #4: Master Merlini

How long can you hold your breath?

My lifetime best effort caps out at a little over two and a half minutes. I'm actually pretty proud of that. Afterward, I felt like I was drowning. Every part of me ached. I thought I'd never breathe comfortably again.

That's actually a pretty good analogy for how hard it's been keeping quiet about Master Merlini, the new digital comic I'm writing for ROK.

David Merlini, the real-world escapologist, can hold his breath for well over twenty minutes. He's accomplished this more than once, underwater (and in test conditions), and has shattered world records and doing it. He has been launched on a SCUD missile, embedded in concrete, frozen in liquid nitrogen and weighed down in a tank occupied by six tiger sharks. In the field of magic and its allied arts, the escapologists are our superheroes.

Jim Steranko, a world-famous comics writer/artist who achieved equal acclaim as a magician/escapologist, is a personal hero of mine, and I've spoken before about the similarities in technique between writing comics and performing magic. So, when John Freeman of ROK Comics approached me about writing a comic based on Merlini himself, it was an easy sell to get me on-board. Additionally, the fact that I'd be working with the extraordinary Giancarlo Caracuzzo (Marvel, DC, IDW and others) made the opportunity unmissable.
Master Merlini is about a man trapped within the pages of his own story - an adventurer and crimefighter struggling to break free of the traps and machinations of a shadowy enemy. It's my first all-ages work since Starship Troopers and it's been glorious to work on. Most importantly, the story of each issue will lead into a genuine, real-life escape performed live by Merlini himself. I'm grinning all over my disarmingly skull-like face even typing that!

Master Merlini #1, with a metric crap-tonne of extras included is now available:

Master Merlini Official Site
Master Merlini Facebook Page
Master Merlini's Tumbler Journal
Master Merlini's Personal Diary


  1. Thanks for the plug for the project, Cy. Been speaking to David today about Book 2 ideas...

  2. Cheers, John. Looking forward to getting my teeth into the second part!

  3. Well, they certainly do crash him, and his body may indeed burn...


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