Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Engine Search

Okay, this is very early-stage, low-res stuff here, but Russ Leach's "rough pencils" (as he calls them) are so good that Nic couldn't resist lettering them up for a preview of Indifference Engine 2: The Suicideshow, currently in production at Markosia.

Indifference Engine 2 picks up some time after the first volume ends... aaand that's really all I want to spoil about it at this stage. We'll be bringing a more extensive preview (perhaps even the entire first chapter) to Thought Bubble this year, but for now here are the opening two pages so you can get a feel for it.


Incidentally, I'll be back with a giant-sized can of Russ Leach-flavoured beans to spill pretty soon. Watch this space...

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