Monday, 18 November 2013

Nic's Sticky Notes: What's Bubbling Up For Thought Bubble 2013?

Thought Bubble 2013 is nearly upon us!

With only days of frantic packing and printing to go (Cy is printing previews as we speak) it's time to let you know how to find our table, and what you will find on it.

Where we are:

We are Table 121 in New Dock Hall, and very easy to locate. Just follow the red arrow!

We are in between Stephen Downey and Time Bomb comics, so lots of goodness to see in that neck of the woods.

What's On The Table. 




Thought Bubble is always a great time to get a look at what's in progress for next year and this time round you'll be able to see "work in progress" first issues of:

The Indifference Engine 2: The Suicideshow.


Alan Blake, former mid-level programmer turned invulnerable murder machine, slaughters his way through a web of interconnected parallel realities. Blackmailed by an insane computer built out of his own brain matter, he is forced into destroying every single alternate version of himself - until one of his targets unwittingly presents a possible way out. It's his only chance of freedom, and all it will cost him is the future.

Script: Cy Dethan
Pencils: Russ Leach
Colours: Mike Summers
Letters: Nic Wilkinson

The book will be out through Markosia in 2014.

 The Reverend: Blood Cries Out


 Reverend Jonathan Bishop is a weapon forged by fate and the cruelties of men, his life an endless crusade waged in shadow and blood. He is a one-man holy war, but he is not the first product of the machinery that created him.

When the twisted Broken Heart cult seeks to conjure and enslave a force they are ill-equipped to control, Bishop must face a custom-built killer who knows him as only a brother can. The Reverend has finally met his equal in battle, and faith alone may no longer sustain him.

This is the first full length graphic novel from Barry Nugent's Unseen Shadows universe, and the second story to feature the biblically inspired vengeance factory, Reverend Jonathan Bishop.

Script: Cy Dethan
Pencils: Steve Penfold
Colours: Gat Melvyn
Letters: Nic Wilkinson

New Books 


The Case Files Of Harlan Falk 


We will have a very limited number of The Case Files Of Harlan Falk ahead of its full launch on sale at the convention price of £10 (RRP £13.99).

A respected hostage negotiation expert loses his mind when a bizarre kidnapping case results in a child’s unexplained death. His wild talk of murderous monsters born from the victim’s own imagination is impossible to believe, and the catastrophe sees him driven out of business in a cycle of alcoholism, denial and despair. Several years later, when a new case arises bearing all the hallmarks of the same killers, Harlan Falk emerges from obscurity a changed man: a monster negotiator. Using resources and methods beyond the scope of conventional investigators, he sets out to finally close the case that cost him his career.

Writer: Cy Dethan
Art: Scott James / Alex Johns
Letters: Nic Wilkinson

Convention Special Offers


We will have the following books for sale at the convention price of £10 or 2 for £15.

If there's anything you want to pre-order, or if you can't go to the convention that you would like posted out to you, please get in touch and we can sort it out for you.

Cancertown Vol 1: An Inconvenient Tooth

Vince Morley is a man with big problems and a brain tumour like a baby’s fist, living with one foot in a monstrous alternate world he calls Cancertown. When the lost and dispossessed of London start tripping over the same cracks in reality he spends his life avoiding, Morley realises he must confront the residents of Cancertown – and risk finding his place among them.
Cancertown Vol 2: Blasphemous Tumours

Vince Morley is a dangerously sick man. The crossing points between his realities wear thin as, in a psychiatric hospital, sticky fingers pick through the darkest corners of Bugfuck's broken mind. With the old powers falling to a new creature of horrific violence and limitless rage, the deadliest of the Cancertown Players returns to claim a favour from Morley that could cost him more than just his life.
The Indifference Engine 1: A Holographic Novel

Responding to a strangely specific job advertisement, a distinctly ordinary twenty-something suburban slacker finds himself in the middle of an inter-dimensional task force staffed entirely by superhuman alternate versions of himself. Struggling to fit in, he uncovers a conspiracy that strikes at the very heart of the organisation – a conspiracy that only he can stop.

Slaughterman's Creed

Slaughterman’s Creed is a story of the fall and rise of monsters, where an ethical knife-edge is all that separates hero from villain. A human trafficker orders the death of a killer who refuses to breach his professional code. Twelve years later, the trafficker’s world erupts in blood and chaos. Barely surviving and crippled for life, the Slaughterman has returned to put the whole organisation to the blade.

White Knuckle 

Forty years ago, Seth Rigal was a man to be feared – a serial strangler with a string of victims. Now nearly seventy and tormented by a lifetime of monstrous violence, Rigal lives on the verge of poverty and quietly waits for the death he knows he deserves. Tortured and confused, still haunted by the drives that made him a killer in his youth, Rigal finds himself almost unconsciously stalking the daughter of his final victim – only to have his precious anonymity snatched from him when he accidentally saves her son’s life. Seth Rigal, formerly known as the Gripper, just became a local celebrity. The bodies won’t stay buried any longer. 
See you at the weekend!

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