Monday, 3 March 2014

Remembering Why...

Once in a while, a project crops up that has you fisting the air and FUCK, YEAH-ing all over the place. Some kind of glorious gut-punch that comes out of nowhere and leaves you reeling. Moments like that serve to keep you alert, hungry and dangerously motivated.

Sometimes it's an idea you can't shake off, or a character that won't shut the Hell up until you get it out onto paper. I've had my share of those, and I've learned the futility of trying to suppress them. At other times, though, it's someone else's idea that lands on you - impacting with devastating accuracy out of a clear, blue sky.

So yeah - that's what just happened, pretty much.

Long story short, I've just read the best plot bible I've ever seen and turned in an eight-page script for the anthology project it came from. No idea what I can say about it just yet, but the editorial response has been enthusiastic and once I'm able to talk about it properly I assure you there'll be no fucking stopping me.

Every so often, you get the opportunity to write something purely for the sheer joy of it. When it happens unexpectedly like this, you instantly remember why you wanted to write in the first place. As a motivator, it's beyond valuable.

Side note: for those who can't handle so much unbridled optimism all in one post, I'd just like to inject a little balance to the piece by saying fuck the Robocop remake - because fuck the Robocop remake.

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