Monday, 14 July 2014

The Big Sleepover

Thanks to Toymaster Brett Uren's seemingly limitless drive and the considerable enthusiasm of the Kickstarter community, the Torsobear: Yarns from Toyburg anthology, featuring a contribution from Pete Mason, Nic Wilkinson and myself, is officially a THING, finishing its Kickstarter at 107% funded.

If you're waiting for your stuff and want to catch up on any of the extra "behind-the-scenes" info, listen to Brett talking about the project or find out more about the creative teams (and lots of other Toyburg goodness) then visit the Torsobear blog.

Extract from page 3 of "Some Assembly Required" by Cy Dethan and Peter Mason. Letters by Nic Wilkinson
I'm already getting psyched up to see the completed book in print, especially having seen some of the incredible work in progress on the other stories. One of the reasons I enjoy getting involved with anthologies in the first place is the chance they offer to meet new creators, and the various glimpses I've had of the other contributed stories have been particularly eye-opening. There's an enormous range of approaches and styles on display. Basically, it's just going to be a really cool book - and probably the closest thing you'll see to an all-ages story from me any time soon.

I've said before how the blazingly original combination of film noir tropes and picture-book aesthetics of Brett's original story was like nothing I had ever read, and was one of those lightning bolt, brick-to-the-forehead moments, so I've already got a couple of follow-up pitches building to blast Brett with if the opportunity arises for a second volume.

What nobody really tells you about being involved in a Kickstarter is that it's a huge creative job in itself. It's not a little thing on the side that you can wind up, set off and collect the money it comes back with. It's absolutely shattering. Also, there is maths.

The support we received from the comics community and beyond was incredible. Support doesn't only come in the form of pledges, although that's all Kickstarter counts in its terrifying "all-or-nothing" approach. What was surprising and humbling was the sheer number of people who wanted to help the project by spreading the word. Whether by sharing social media posts, encouraging other people to pledge, covering our project on blogs and podcasts, promoting it to societies and groups or offering advice and encouragement, many of you worked as hard as if you were on the project itself!

Snaplok, Rocko and the gang thank you all!

If you do have a Kickstarter project that is in its last week (be it comic, game or any other area of geek culture), then Geek Syndicate have a "Last Days of Kickstarter" feature that it is well worth contacting them about to get the word out as you make that final push. Also, Brett Uren has written an upcoming piece for them on the things he learned from Kickstarter that you might want to read if you are thinking of starting up your own project. That should be up on the GS site soon.

Now we are off for a very big sleep!

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