Thursday, 30 June 2016

British Showcase Anthology: The Morlock Manifesto

Hey - just sticking my head up over the battlements for a minute to throw this out there. Adam Cheal's putting together a second British Showcase anthology book, and he hit me up for a submission. I fired back with a little work of retrospeculative fiction called The Morlock Manifesto. Here's a sample page of art from the glorious Alex Thompson:

Now, I can't wear a monocle. My skull was manufactured in the 1970s with a streamlined, cab-forward design that offers no purchase for the lower gallery. Seriously, it'd just pop right out. Steampunk for me, like its 80s cousin cyberpunk, has always been about more than the aesthetic appeal. As genres, their concerns can't be properly expressed on a purely cosmetic level. Seriously, I once listened to a guy explaining that the essence of steampunk boiled down to wearing goggles and adding little brass fixings to your iPhone. I don't agree, and The Morlock Manifesto is sort of a half-angry statement about that.

I'm approaching rant velocity, so I'll stop right there. Trust me, it'll all make sense when the book comes out.

The British Showcase Anthology Vol.2 is currently in production at Markosia. You can find the official Facebook page here.

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