Friday, 29 September 2017

Thought Bubble 2017 in Pictures

Well, it's been ten long months and a mere three blog posts since my last Thought Bubble convention report. Busy year, but largely dominated by non-comics projects. Thought Bubble came early this time around and, given how much my other work's been taking me away from comics lately, we honestly went into this one kinda suspecting that it'd be our last.

Having gone, though... well, let's just say that my head's back in the game. Here are a few of the people you can blame for my continued existence on the comics scene...

GM Jordan, Samantha Reader and Jasper Bark on the Markosia stand, where Jasper was signing his new book, Parassassin. Grabbed myself a copy at the stand.

David Hine, slightly blurred. David, as I've mentioned before, is one of comics' kindest souls - a charming, softly-spoken gentleman with a William Burroughs nightmare compilation for a brain. Snapped up a copy of 1000 Yard Stare here, signed by David and Shaky Kane.

PM Buchan, a relentlessly energetic writer with the soul of a poet and the mind of a serial killer. Also the only man ever to challenge me to a Thunderdome battle.

Ollie Masters, adorably practising his signature on hotel stationery at the official signing table. Ollie's got some really strong work to his name already...

...not to mention the effortless ability to crystallise in three words what the entire comics industry's been trying to tell me for ELEVEN FUCKING YEARS!*

*See? Literally practising his own signature. Also, who the Hell is "Karlis"? We may never know...

Barry Nugent, godfather of UK comics podcasting. I've got several projects on the go with him right now. Honestly, he's done as much as anyone I can think of to promote the UK indie scene over the last decade. Respect is most certainly due.

Ian Sharman and David Wynne of Orang Utan Comics. It basically wouldn't be Thought Bubble without them.

Conor and Lizzie Boyle of Disconnected Press (Conor omitted for clarity). So much talent concentrated in just two creators. Right up among the best UK indie comics have to offer.

Corey Brotherson. Fantastic writer and a genuinely unique voice in comics.

The Improper Books crew of Matthew Gibbs with Laura and Christian Wildgoose (Batgirl artist and, experts agree, owner of probably the coolest name in comics history). Improper's MULP and Porcelain titles are things of absolute beauty. 

Jon Scrivens: highly talented artist and self-confessed Patient Zero of 2017's Convention Crud outbreaks.

Valentina Sannais. Honestly, meeting Val ranks right up with my top Thought Bubble moments of all time. An amazing artist, recently confirmed as joining the creative team of the next Markosia book to bear my name. More about that when time and circumstances permit...

Steve Penfold, artist of Moon (along with our Unseen Shadows story, Wrath of God). Moon is required reading - an honest-to-fuck laugh-out-loud book that reads and looks like nothing else out there.

Gary Erskine's table (Gary omitted for clarity). Working with Gary on Metal Made Flesh was arguably the high point of my first ten years in comics. No exaggeration.

The amazing Jennie Gyllblad and Sara Dunkerton. Total artistic badasses, the pair of them.

Yup, it turns out I still hate having my picture taken. Note the horribly fake attempt at a hasty smile. Nic seems to have the right attitude, though...

Same again next year? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, here's Nic again with a friend she made over the weekend.

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