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Approaching Infinity Part Ten: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Okay, Marvel - now you're just showing off...

To be completely honest, I was actually one of the Guardians of the Galaxy sceptics (yes, that's the UK spelling. Look it up). I mean, I shouldn't have been; I've loved James Gunn's work since his Troma days and still hold The Specials up as one of my favourite superhero flicks. Even so, when that first trailer dropped with that soundtrack, I was... wary. I just couldn't see where it was all going.

As it turned out, the answer was... well, I'm still not entirely sure. All I know is that Guardians is a really, REALLY fun ride.

The Villain
Nothing about Ronan the Accuser works for me, conceptually. His dialogue's clunky as all Hell, his delivery's mechanical and by-the-numbers and his plan to murder billions serves no practical purpose other than spite. He's a fanatic, a war criminal and a dozen other scary-sounding things, but he's pretty much a half-rehearsed Thanos understudy in this film. He's out to destroy a planet - or maybe a thousand planets; he's a little unclear on that point at times. Anyway, he stands to gain nothing and will stop at nothing to gain it. It shouldn't work at all, but I still somehow love every second of screen time he gets.

While we're talking Ronan, let's chalk up another entry in the list of characters who've physically handled an Infinity Stone without ill effect. Starlord gets a pass on this in retrospect, as it does indeed turn out he's a literal god (small g) later. Ronan, though, is just a Kree - a species that never before or since is shown to be anywhere near powerful enough to justify this. Kree are currently getting kicked to shit and shoe leather by unarmed humans in the apparently canon Agents of SHIELD TV show. To be fair, there are probably good reasons why Ronan is powerful enough to shrug off an enraged Drax the Destroyer without a thought in this film. Those reasons really aren't on the screen, though.

The Story
Everyone speaks English in space.

Yes, there's a brief nod to a translator in Starlord's neck - but that makes no sense of why everyone else in the universe can instantly and easily understand one another. Even if it did, it whatever magic translation technology everyone seems to have access to suddenly and specifically fails to work at all when Groot talks - despite the fact that Rocket appears to understand the subtle nuances of every word he says. Yes, this is absolutely the most unrealistic thing in this film - and yes, this is absolutely the hill I've picked to die on.

In a minor non-linguistically based side-plot, a team of criminals and killers stops a warmonger from genociding a planet, I think. Not sure - I was distracted by the translator thing a lot.

The Universe
Yeah, we actually are talking about the universe in this one. Guardians of the Galaxy throws so much new MCU-building into its running time that's it's just dazzling to watch. We get war history, galactic politics, interstellar law enforcement, pirate armadas, Celestials, alien abduction, Thanos' family life and about a hundred more new additions to Marvel cinematic lore. The fact that it never even seems to shudder under the weight of this - and actually keeps up an astonishing pace without ever short-changing its characters is, frankly, miraculous.

The Stinger
Howard the Duck. Really, movie? Really? Still, dancing Baby Groot, though...

The Take-Away
For my money, this is practically flawless in terms of achieving what it sets out to do. In a series of films known for carefully, methodically earning its ensemble pieces through single-hero episodes, Guardians throws the whole Marvel rulebook away and looks badass doing it. It probably helps that Gunn has done this before with The Specials, and knows exactly how to ration out his characters' backstories - but the scale here is so much bigger that it's practically a magic trick to pull it off this well.

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