Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Bomb Scares 2 Kickstarter is Live!

Just 55 hours after launch, Time Bomb Comics' newest anthology book was already funded and chasing its first stretch goal. At time of writing, the book's £45 shy of the first bonus and still moving fast.

If you know me at all, you already know I'm a world-class sucker for anthologies. This one's a bit special for me, as it was a chance to work with the amazing Row Bird. Row's an incredible artist with a sharp, crisp style and a real eye for detail. Anthology stories need to pack a lot of information into every panel. With every detail competing to justify the page space allocated to it, every decision has to be carefully judged. Row's got that balance nailed, as you'll see in our story, Murderbox.

It's a simple system, and it's worked flawlessly for years. You put a name in, you draw a name out. Whoever's name you pull must die within seven days. When the name you enter into the system is drawn by another client, that person is killed with no connection back to you. It's personal revenge weaponised on an industrial scale, and it always works - until a desperate woman inexplicably draws her own name from the Murderbox, and then discovers that everyone else has drawn it too.

We've got Dave Evans on letters and the campaign runs through the end of the month. Do The Money Thing Here!

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