Downloadable Commentaries

For the Markosia editions of Cancertown and Slaughterman's Creed on the PSP, Stephen Downey and I were able to record creator commentary tracks that played while the book was being read. It was a really good system, and it stuck in my throat a bit that the original supporters of the PSP version comic from Insomnia, or those who bought it other digitial formats or in print, missed out.

For the moment until a better solution presents itself, I have placed the commentaries up on a public Dropbox and invite anyone with any version of the book (digital or physical) to download them for nothing. I'll start with the ones I recorded myself, as I'll need to double-check with Stephen which page each of his clips refers to.

I basically just recorded one clip for each page of the book, so it ought to be pretty easy to work out how it all fits together.

If anyone's interested, the first set of files are here, with more to follow as I locate, organise and upload them:

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