Monday, 15 October 2007

Convention Report: Volume One

Okay, here we go.

Friday the 12th was the night of the 2007 Birmingham International Comics Show launch party. Nic (my girlfriend and artist on Extinction Protocol) and I headed up there to see what trouble we could cause, pausing only to point out an unattended sports bag at Euston station - thus saving the world, or something. I felt very proud.

The venue was surprisingly easy to find, given the fact that my sense of direction is basically limited to "up" and "down". In any event, we located the place. Spoke to Tony Lee (drunk), Harry Markos (less drunk) and an old friend from university (not drunk) - in that order. Given that this was more networking than I'd been expecting to do all weekend crammed into an hour and a half, I thought this was pretty good going.

A surprising number of people already seemed to know who I was. That surprising number was three. I did, however, get gratifyingly funny looks from one world-famous artist, one comics-writer-recently-turned-novelist and that 2000AD guy whose name I can never remember, but who seemed to like my pitchfest entry at the 2004 Bristol con. I also received a very intriguing work offer which, if it pans out, should sort me out very nicely. More on that when I'm allowed to spill the beans...

We left before the band could do us any serious or lasting harm, and roamed the alarmingly clean and spacious streets of Birmingham in search of food.

We found cake.

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