Monday, 15 October 2007

Convention Report: Volume Three

Another night of car-horn craziness, this time including a vocal accompaniment that necessitated several updates to my already-encyclopaedic swear-cabulary.

Sunday morning. The hotel continued to support my bacon-with-every-meal diet in good, old fashioned all-you-can-eat format. Checking out, we staggered into the convention carrying all our bags and decided that the Mignola/Fegredo talk was a lost cause, given our bad luck the day before. I scored volume two of Brodie's Law from the creators, and Nic bagged a selection of old Warriors - specifically picking out ones with V For Vendetta in them.

Bumped into Tony Lee again in a corridor, who saw that we were carrying all our worldly goods on our backs and thought we were leaving. Explaining our predicament resulted in a generous offer to stash our bags behind the Markosia table, which was something of a life-saver. We felt very special.

While we were talking to Tony, we met one of the creators who'd just returned from the pitching session. Tony had been one of the judges and, since I'd participated in the 2004 pitchfest and now write Starship Troopers, I served as a functional example of how these things can work out. Interestingly, the guy who actually won in 2004 went on to become Peter Rogers, the founder of Orang Utan Comics - so maybe there's something to that after all.

Now free to roam the halls at our leisure, we caught the Geek Syndicate live podcast. Very funny stuff, and definitely worth checking out.

We also took the opportunity to take a more comprehensive look around the venue. All kinds of cool, if somewhat educational, stuff to play with there - some of which was actually in working order. Particular highlights included an interactive representation of the human digestive process, complete with comical sound effects, and a button set into the wall that released the scent of fox urine into the air when pressed. I'm thinking of having one installed at home. Nic took an altogether unnecessary amount of delight in the more grotesque exhibits, particularly in the handle that pumped the simulated human waste through the simulated lower intestines. There was also a triceratops skull on display, and a hole through which you could smell decomposing compost. What will they think of next?

We rounded off the weekend with a quick blitz back through the main hall to say goodbye to everyone we'd met. All things considered, it was a much more productive event than I'd expected - and every bit as entertaining as I'd hoped.

Looking forward to the next one - and to the London MCM Expo next weekend...


  1. Wow !!! Sounds like a very eventful weekend. A nice pat on the back with Tony and Harry's comments there.

    It must've been great to catch up with the artist as well, good one !

    I'm still wondering what the chop is with the fox urine word immediately comes to mind.....Why :) :) :)

  2. It could be that what you haven't quite appreciated is that there was a BIG ROUND BUTTON. Next to the BIG ROUND BUTTON was a little sign that said "press to smell how a fox marks his territory". I mean wouldn't you be curious, what with tempting BIG ROUND BUTTON and all?

    So I pressed it. I couldn't help myself really. It being so big and round and, well, pressable...

    It didn't seem to work at first, so I pressed it again just to be sure. Probably the fox would do the same thing when marking the territory.

    A similar thing happened a few years ago when we went to the Imperial War Museum. There was a little flap and a little sign next to it that said "lift to smell what the inside of a submarine smells like after weeks at sea". The answer is NASTY. Like if several boy foxes fox had a territorial marking contest in a men's toilet while wearing week old pants and sweaty socks. Or perhaps foxgloves.

    So BIG ROUND BUTTON, little sign, promise of unusual smell.

    Does that make it any clearer?

  3. I can see where the temptation lies :) I hope you were standing at arms length when you pressed the BIG ROUND BUTTON though, otherwise you might receive a little more than you bargained for, perhaps a lingering foxy hot scent, something that might drive Cy wild, becoming difficult to control :) :)

    I have always wondered about submarines and whether or not they had a system to recycle air and offensive odours the sounds of it, "no" is the answer. The prospect of a bum gas build up, continually assaulting your nostrils in such a confined space would be enough to horrify even the most hardest of submariners.....or perhaps they're drawn to that particular aspect in some weird fashion :)

  4. Heh - Cy is always wild and difficult to control ;)

    At least I will now know if I am in fox territory though.

    Yes, now that you mention it accumulated bum gas does pretty much sum up the smell of the submarine.


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