Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Heading up to Birmingham

... and there you have it - final proof that cheating is the best way into comics.

Not only am I off to Birmingham this weekend for the International Comics Show, but I'm also getting free entry, a space on the guest list for the launch party and, best of all, a badge to prove I'm an honest-to-goodness professional!

Now all I have to do is work out how to act like one...

To be honest, the move into writing comics professionally hasn't really felt like a transition to me. It was more like a slow, natural progression of something I loved doing - and would be doing anyway, even if no-one paid me.

Okay, enough sissy-banter. Let's talk strategy.

At the last Bristol con, I had a definite game plan. I had a list of people I wanted to talk to, and most of them knew to expect me. As detailed elsewhere, that all turned out pretty well for me. This time I've got a couple of bases to touch and projects to discuss, but the weekend's largely going to be about meeting people and giving them a reason to care who I am.

I also get to hang around in a big crowd and catch glimpses of people who don't even know I exist, but who have unknowingly played roles in setting me on the path I'm now following. I'm pretty sure that no-one in comics ever loses that feeling. When you hear big names like Alan Moore talking about big names like Steve Ditko...

... and immediately we're back to the sissy-stuff, but what the Hell. I hit two conventions a year at most, and only one so far as a professional of any kind. If I act like a comics fan more than a hard-core pro, I couldn't care less. I'm pretty new at this, and besides, any pro worth the name is first and foremost a comics fan anyway.


  1. Hey

    Pretty good going I would say to move from fan, through monthly 6 pager to flagship on-going series in the space of 3 convention visits!

    Not to mention the secret stuff you can't yet talk about.

    Birmingham here we come!

  2. Great to see you and Nic at the show.

    And all the other stuff too :)


  3. Thanks, mate.

    It was great to see you guys too. It was an important convention for me in several respects, so the presence of old friends was deeply cool. :)


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