Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Starship Troopers News

Well, with the publicity for Starship Troopers starting to kick off, I guess it's time for an update. Here's what the guys at AAM/Markosia are saying:

AAM Markosia is proud to announce that now available for ordering on page 191 of November Previews for January shipping is Starship Troopers #5, the first issue of a brand-new storyline “Bad Blood”, the perfect jumping-on point for new readers.

Featuring a new writer and artist team, Cy Dethan and Paul Green, the series is sure to hit new heights. Cy first burst into comics with Starship Troopers: Extinction Protocol, a monthly serial in Mongoose Publishing's Signs & Portents magazine. His experience writing within the Troopers universe made him the ideal choice to take over when Tony Lee retired from the ongoing series. In Bad Blood, Cy now brings comics readers their first encounter with the Pathfinders - elite Special Forces of the Mobile Infantry. Welcome to the jungle, Trooper.

Cy Dethan commented: "Writing this book is a dream come true for me, so I'm coming into it with all guns blazing. In Bad Blood, we're going to show you exactly what it takes to be a Mobile Infantry Pathfinder. As for the future, there's a galaxy of monsters out there. It's about time humanity showed them we can bite back..."

Speaking about Cy, AAM Markosia Publisher Harry Markos said that Cy was Tony Lee’s hand-picked successor, and he moved to sign Cy up quickly after both Tony and Harry were impressed by Cy’s presentation at the Bristol Comic Expo earlier this year. On debutant artist Paul Green, Harry remarked: “This guy we also signed at Bristol…he is one of the biggest talents to emerge from nowhere in years, and we expect him to follow in the footsteps of Trevor Hairsine in being snapped up by Marvel or DC at some point. For now, though – he’s all ours!”


STARSHIP TROOPERS #5: Bad Blood (Part 1 of 4)

Cy Dethan (writer)
Paul Green (art)
Full Color
28 PP
Ongoing Monthly series
$3.50 / £2.00

Starship Troopers returns in an explosion of Sex, Bugs and Rock ‘n Roll! An elite Pathfinder platoon storms the Arachnid-infested jungles of Farsteldt, where a savage ambush catapults them into a knife-edge First Contact situation. The Bug War just gained an unpredictable new player! Spectacular new story arc with newcomers Cy Dethan and Paul Green creating a stunning new look to the much-loved Troopers Universe!


A PDF of the entire issue is available to reviewers or news sites for publicity purposes, please email comicexpo@aol.com with your details to access this. Interview requests with creative personnel also welcomed.

Cool - I've never been described as "personnel" before. While we're talking about previews, here are Paul Green's first three covers for the Bad Blood story arc:

I'm loving my life right now...


  1. Those covers are totally awesome !

    I'm looking forward to reading the stories you have created here, an "unpredictable new player" sounds very interesting indeed....sounds like these new pathfinders will have their work cut out for them in the jungles of Farsteldt !!!

  2. gotta love those covers...

    just read SP51, good article, looking forward reading about Vanauken's Vandals...


  3. Paul's art is really stunning.

    It looks like nothing else I've seen, really.

    I think he's going to be one those artists who is so distinctive and so talented you will be able to spot his work across a shop and instantly know who drew it.

    It's like how you know "That's a Bisley, that's a Frank Miller, that's a Kev O'Neill, that's a Fabry, that's a Bolland" etc.

    It's rare to see such expressive characters, and the lighting / atmosphere is gorgeous.

    Out next month now


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