Monday, 23 June 2008

The Art of Triple Threat

So, Triple Threat part one is in the bag and my work's done on the finale. I have to say, it's been a fascinating experience working with two other writer/artist teams to produce a single, coherent narrative. I've met some very cool people through this, which in itself more than justifies the effort.

So anyway, I thought some kind of update was in order. The artist on my story sections is the incredibly talented Scott James. Scott's an amazingly easy and rewarding guy to work with. He's a natural storyteller and utterly uncompromising in his approach to his art. He's also prepared to get his hands dirty and actively throw in suggestions of his own as to how a page could be laid out, which is an enormously valuable trait in a collaborator. Here's a brief sample of some of his work on Starship Troopers #9, as coloured by Alex Johns (with assists by Scott):

Tony Lee's end of the story is being handled by mighty Troopers veteran, Neil Edwards. Neil's work has always impressed me, and from the looks of things he's now starting to get the kind of recognition he deserves. Here are a few examples from his own website:

The final thread of the story, written by Christian Beranek, features art from the awesome Jim Boswell. Jim's got a really strong style and some very interesting projects in the pipeline. He's also a genuinely nice guy. I highly recommend that you take a look at his blog to see what he's been doing recently. Meanwhile, here are a few of his Triple Threat panels:

So there you have it - a brief taster of things to come in Starship Troopers. Once Triple Threat concludes, the Vandals seize the spotlight once again with the four-parter, Fool's Errand. So, picture the Poseidon Adventure. Now set it in space, in the middle of a giant asteroid field. You with me so far? Cool. Did I mention that the “ship” is alive, and that the passengers on it are actively trying to destroy it? That’s Fool’s Errand in a nutshell. More as and when...


  1. Nice preview of Troopers - and thanks for the props sir!

  2. You and Scott have produced something really dynamic together there.

    To paraphrase the 1980s

    "Two heads are better than one,
    It’s double the pleasure, baby, triple the.....threat?"

    Be Excellent to one another, dudes!


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