Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The Secret Ingredient is Chaos!

Well, Starship Troopers has another review over at Comics Village, this time from Graham Mogford.

This review is for issue #9, which is the first part of the Triple Threat crossover event. Triple Threat was an insane fever-dream concocted by Tony Lee, marking his two-month return to the book as co-writer and editor. The idea, as I mentioned back in March, went something like this:

Phase One: Three teams create three interconnected Troopers stories.

Phase Two: ...

Phase Three: Profit!

I provided the title and basic plot for the arc, and each of the writers tackled it in his own way. I worked with Scott James on my sections of the two issues, with colour from Alex Johns, Ian Sharman and Scott himself. Thomas Mauer worked his lettering magic, as always. A great deal of behind-the-scenes work was needed to ensure that everything hung together, of course. In fact, when you factor in the other two parts of the story you begin to get an idea of the organisational scale of the project. It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to be its editor.

In the end I think issue #9 hangs together rather well. The stories mesh together as intended and the comic has a strong, distinctive look. I'd buy it. Of course, if you'd prefer a slightly more impartial opinion, you might want to take a look at Graham Mogford's review.

Issue #10 looks set to be even crazier, by the way. After that, we've got the next full story arc, Fool's Errand, in which large objects explode...


  1. If you were to be the editor of the world you'd be at it til the chaos come home :)

  2. Scott James works really well for your writing. What are you going to do next with him :)

  3. Funny you should ask... :)

    Scott and I are actually already working on a non-Troopers project (with another great artist also interested in pitching in). I can't say much more here just yet, but I've got high hopes for this one.


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