Sunday, 7 September 2008

A Brave New World...

Okay, this was something of a new one for me.

I consider myself pretty open to new technologies. I keep my PC fairly up to date, I own laptops, ultra-portables, consoles and PDAs - I even have one of those newfangled portable telephones the kids all seem to rave about these days. I also own a PSP - and today I bought my first downloadable comic on it.

The book in question is called The Cryptics, by Steve Niles and Ben Roman. It's sort of like The Munsters. Actually, it's a lot like The Munsters... with a touch of Calvin and Hobbes thrown in. It's got some music running along with the images, and a few sound effects thrown in - neither of which really add anything for me, since I tend to think that comics have been getting along quite nicely without those so far. Still, it's all harmless and quite fun. Not something I'm going to go back to, but that's probably true of a lot of the comics I read each month.

There are some interactive features, which amount to several video clips of the creators talking about the individual stories, and the whole thing's pretty entertaining. Bottom line, it's okay. Nothing special, but a worthwhile use of the couple of quid I had knocking about in my Playstation Store wallet.

So yeah - s'okay. If I see more PSP comics, I'll consider giving them a shot...

...and, um, that's about it.

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  1. Call me old fashion, but I prefer to have a nice glossy book/comic/magazine in my hands rather than read pages from a screen, although quite often these days I am forced to do just that.

    Anything that advances the human and technology melding is fine by me though, so I'll give it a big tick in the box despite my personal preferences :)


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