Tuesday, 30 September 2008

No Sleep 'Till Brumcon!

Right, then. This weekend is the Birmingham International Comics Show, so Nic and I are heading up to kick arse, take names and generally monster up the place. I'll be screaming between the Markosia and Insomnia stands as normal, pushing copies of Starship Troopers and Cancertown badges into every hand I see. Hell, I may even get round to pitching a few stories while I'm there. I've been lucky enough to have attracted the interest of a couple of publishers with the books I've had out this year, so it's time to press that luck a little harder.

Still, no matter how high the stakes or how tight the deadlines, nothing about comics ever feels like work. Even going into Birmingham with clearly defined objectives - things I actually need to accomplish in order to stay alive in the industry - I'm just really looking forward to it. These gigs have never been anything but good news for me, and this one looks like being an absolute classic.

In other news, the free preview of Starship Troopers #5 on the MyEbook site broke the 1000 views barrier this week. I've been amazed at the response. Also, after only being up on the site for 12 days at the time of writing this, the Cancertown chapter has already been read 185 times. Thanks to everyone who's had a look at either of these books. I hope you enjoyed them.

Anyway, expect my usual three-part convention report to commence soon.

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