Monday, 6 October 2008

BICS '08 Convention Report Day One: Party Politics

Well, that was very different from last year.

In 2007, Nic and I went to the BICS pre-launch party with only the faintest notion of who anyone was. In return, just a handful of people had a clue who they were talking to – and even fewer had any reason to care.

This time around, we got off to a decent start when a guy whose face I'd seen on a forum post pointed to me from across the noise-drowned bar and mouthed, “Is that Cy Dethan?” to a podcaster named Stacebob (one of the hosts of the deeply wonderful Comic Racks show). Yes, Lenny007 (a name I now suspect to be a cunning alias of some sort) – yes it was.

We'd actually cheated this year by taking people who already knew us along to the gig. We turned up fashionably late (having got fashionably lost) with Crawford Coutts and Alasdair Duncan of Insomnia Publications. My celebrity spotting started well, when I settled some speculation as to whether or not the guy we were staring at was Dave Williams (of Waiting For The Trade fame), through the simple expedient of bellowing “Oi, Dave” across the bar at him. Had a nice chat with the man, too – which just goes to show you that no harm ever came of shouting at strangers in pubs.

Stephen Downey, my co-creator on Cancertown, showed up soon after with his girlfriend, Aimee. I've been having an incredible time working with Stephen, and it was great to have a chance to talk to both of them. I also got talking to Paul Ridgon, a deeply cool guy and talented artist. I'm hoping to have an opportunity to work with him soon.

So anyway, I met some new people, touched base with existing and potential collaborators and had a really good time doing it. A couple of tentative plans were made, and things are generally looking good for certain unspecified future developments.

Speaking as someone who pretty much doesn't drink, I have to say that an awful lot of business does seem to get done by people who are under the influence. Suddenly, a number of perplexing decisions made recently in the comics industry make a lot more sense...

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  1. I learned at the party that not only does Dave Montieth have a great voice, but it is louder than a miked-up band!

    It was a great party, and one the best things about the UK industry is how friendly everyone is.


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