Tuesday, 7 October 2008

BICS '08 Convention Report Day two: The Money/Mouth Equation

Thought for the day: I cannot believe how many people, almost a year later, are still coming up to me and quoting that one semi-notorious line from Starship Troopers #5. How great is that?

Saturday started off in fairly relaxed fashion with a quick and shameful trip to Games Workshop to pick up the new Space Marines codex. I know, and I've heard it all before so don't even bother. If I weren't a gamer I probably wouldn't even have got the foot on the comics ladder that I'm desperately fighting to preserve/deserve now. Anyway, let's move on.

Nic and I dropped off some speakers at the Insomnia stand for boss-man Crawford's laptop, so he could play the new Cancertown trailer to best advantage. That done, I picked out my targets and ran through my bullet-points for the day. I touched base with Orang Utan, Markosia, the Geek Syndicate and the deeply cool C2D4 guys. I picked up the second issues of Last of the Chickenheads and Jack in the Box, then bought Candleman #1 on a whim. I was not disappointed.

Stephen Downey turned up right on cue as always, so Nic crushed a cheque into his hand in exchange for our one original art purchase of the convention – a full-page splash of Crosshair from Cancertown (her favourite character that I've ever written). Nic freaked when she first saw this page, so we knew we'd have to own it.

Tet and Ferret once again showed up in an awe-inspiring storm of support. I've tried on several occasions to explain to them what it means to me that they keep coming to these gigs, but I still don't think I've ever managed to adequately articulate it. Thanks again, guys.

Nic was getting stuck into her new thing as Creative Director of Insomnia, checking out artist portfolios and writer pitches. Several very promising things happening there, apparently. Meanwhile, I locked my game face into position in preparation for the pitches I had lined up.

Now, I'm not necessarily the most technically proficient pitcher of ideas in the business. However, as a general word of advice, you should never ask me what my stories are about unless you're prepared to receive the full blast of them at point-blank range. I kick off, the red mist descends and the next thing I know I'm sifting through the smoking rubble. For better or worse, I pitch full force.

I'm going to stop talking about that for the moment, but hands were shaken and if all goes to plan it looks like my dance card might be filled for a while.

The frenzy of pitching left me pretty wiped out, but I managed to have a very interesting chat with the Myebook guys. Myebook.com has been an extremely cool resource for me, and the future of the system is looking spectacular.

Nic received a really nice picture from the mighty Simon Wyatt, while I fulfilled a lifetime ambition of being the smallest human being ever to pose for an artist's rendering of the Hulk. We rounded off the day with Chinese food and a giant bucket of chocolate.



  1. You do know what happens when your dance card is full don't you? You get more work. Dunno how this happens but it does seem to be true. I hope you weren't too attached to sleeping :)

    It was another great show. It was fun, although it must have been work too, I was exhausted Monday. Congrats again, and get working on some new pitches. :)

  2. Yup. I received a contract for a new mini-series last night, and I'm hoping for another one in the next day or so. I've also got two more stories I want to pitch this week to the same publisher, plus a script to tighten up so that I can send it out.

    It's all got quite hectic, suddenly.

    Thanks again for showing up at the gig. It's always good to have someone watching your back...

  3. I have the Cross Hair page, I have the Cross Hair page, I have the Cross Hair page, I have the Cross Hair page, I have the Cross Hair page!!!!

    The Rax Simon Wyatt drew for me is just beautiful. I can't wait to read all of his story.

    I don't know about what makes a person technically proficient at pitching - but your passion in your eyes when the pitchfire descends takes my breath away :)

  4. 'Mighty', eh? That's a hellova big word to live up to! Lol!

    It was a pleasure meeting you guys in person at the show and sketching a 'Rax was a blast!



  5. Heh - well, after seeing that picture you gave Nic, "mighty" seemed the most appropriate term. :)

    Nice to catch up with you at the gig, by the way.


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