Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Indecent Exposition

I'm getting to be something of an old hand at these London MCM Expo gigs. That is, I've been to three so far and I'm starting to get the hang of them. The trick is never to show your discomfort - a dedicated cosplayer can smell fear at fifty paces and they always hunt in packs.

The Free Hugs brigade were out there doing their thing, as usual - picking off stragglers and culling the weak from the herd. I still don't get it, but they keep their distance from me (as noted elsewhere, I really don't give off the "hug me" vibe), so I've got no quarrel with them. I did notice a degree of inflation in the marketplace, though - with "Free Buttsecks" and "Premium Hugs (£1.50)" signs. Clearly, there's a whole weird little economy opening up here.

For the first time at one of these affairs, I actually got to see a couple of the featured celebrities. I caught fleeting glimpses of Greg Grunberg and Brea Grant. Oddly, they actually seemed to be enjoying themselves - which was cool.

Nic had a geek-out moment with Ben Templesmith, whose work she rightly worships, and we stomped around and stared at things for a couple of hours. Comics Village was hidden way back at the far end of the hall, but there was still plenty of activity. I sat behind the Markosia stand for an hour or two, grinning my most approachable grin and signing the occasional copy of Bad Blood or Triple Threat.

The key moment for me came with the signing of a proper, grown-up contract with Harry Markos himself, and the confirmation of my first creator-owned Markosia book. I'll be making a full announcement about that in a separate post as soon as the web page is ready to go with it.

I was really happy to see that Dave and Barry from the Geek Syndicate made it there. These guys are hilarious to hang around with and I really look forward to hearing what they made of the event. It can be a little overwhelming the first time...

All in all, it was a fun show, marred only by the utter failure of Pyramid Head Guy to show up. So, thanks to Nic for providing some much-needed backup and covering fire, and to Insomnia Big-Man Crawford Coutts and Audrey for coming along with us and lending a saner counter-perspective to the escalating MCM madness.

Roll on Thought Bubble...


  1. Haha, the 'Free Buttsecks' sign was done by my friend x] Nice to know it was remembered.

  2. Outstanding! That sign cracked me up - truly one of the highlights of the Expo for me.


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