Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Autographic Memories

Well, now - that was just fun!

Whatever Comics being such a prominent landmark on the map of my adventures in comics, it was unbelievably cool to be able to do my first non-convention signing session there. Better yet, the book I was signing was my first creator-owned title. All in all, this was kind of a big deal for me.

The new location of the store, right in the middle of Canterbury's main shopping area, seems to have drastically increased its flow of customers. Owner and Cancertown sponsor, Manny Amario, had done a great job of promoting the event, so by the time we had the table and banner set up, there were already people waiting to get their books signed. All in all, we did pretty well, emptying the box of books we'd had for the gig and signing an additional dozen or so copies brought in by people who had bought them at launch.

Ollie Masters, writer of upcoming Insomnia graphic novel, Dead Goats showed up for moral support, and I finally got to hear some details about his story. I won't spoilerise it here, but I will just say that it's precisely my kind of thing and I'll definitely be picking up a copy when it comes out.

Another highlight of my day came about when Punisher artist, Laurence Campbell turned up to get a copy of Cancertown. I'm a big fan of Laurence's work (I have only ever bought a handful of comics specifically for their artwork, and all of them were drawn by Laurence), so it was a particular kick to sign Cancertown for him.

Also, Vic Reeves showed up in a blazer resembling a dirty spearmint Pacer. Nothing to do with the signing, but noteworthy nonetheless.

Rounded off the day in the pub with an eclectic mix of old and new friends. Grabbed some photo reference of the Westgate for my recently completed Focal Point script on the Sunday morning and spent six fucking hours trying to get back to London. Two out of three legs of the journey involved rail-replacement bus services.

Good times...


  1. Sounds awesome :D

    The boxes are flying out! How long until a second print?!

  2. Hello :D

    i was there when you signed the first ever copy of cancer town in canterbury's Whatever Comics! i have to say it was brillient :D

    I would like though the picture you took on the day of my boyfriend "goerge" who lucky enough to get the first signed copy :D

    he would really like that picture :)


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