Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Frenetic Engineering

Well, a week goes by and nothing new appears on the blog. Long story short, I've had a week off to celebrate Nic's birthday. The last seven days have been a blizzard of Rock Band 2, amusement park rides and truly epic quantities of cake. I've done fuck-all work in all that time and I've loved it. At the same time, oddly, I've missed it. I've probably mentioned before that I have a hard time thinking of comics as work. I've done work in the past and I remember what it was like. Writing comics is something else entirely.

Anyway, I'm back on the clock now and I've got some news to break. My new book has just landed an art team, and it's strong!

The Indifference Engine is the story of a twenty-something suburban slacker who joins an interdimensional task force composed entirely of superhuman alternate versions of himself. It's the most overtly sci-fi book I've worked on since Starship Troopers, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the writing process. The art on this is going to need just the right combination of subtlety and power, so Insomnia have signed up the startlingly good Robert Carey. Feel free to stomp on over to his blog to see what he's capable of. As for colours, the awesome Mel Cook, who brought so much to the atmosphere and tone of Cancertown, will be back in business. If nothing else, this book is going to look gorgeous.

The first chapter script is in the bag, and I'm looking forward to seeing it take shape.


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  1. Thank you Cy and Nic.
    Congrats on your book.
    And I love the sound of the next one.


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