Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Stephen Downey Sets the Bar High, Then Drinks It Dry...

As mentioned previously, Cancertown had its official Irish launch on Saturday, with a signing session from Stephen Downey at the Belfast Forbidden Planet. The event had been given some local news coverage, and by all accounts the turnout was way beyond expectations. Stephen had promised free, personalised sketches to everyone who bought a copy, and I can only imagine the look on his face when he turned up at the store to find the queue already forming. Furthermore, rather than churning out a conveyor belt of identical thumbnails, he was giving out full-on pieces like this:

Check out Stephen's own report of the event for more examples.

In total, a ridiculous fifty-six copies of Cancertown were sold over the two and a half hour signing. That's one every couple of minutes, non-stop! Gobsmacked doesn't begin to describe it. Congratulations are most definitely due to Stephen. I hope he hasn't picked up any permanent sketching injuries, and that the after-signing drinking session was suitably apocalyptic.

In other news, Stephen's Cancertown work has been showcased in an excellent ImagineFX magazine article. There's even a word or two from me in there somewhere. Click on the image below to read the article.


  1. Hi Cy. Just got (and read!) my copy of Cancertown. Its very cool, but i think it needs several readings. I like the idea that the world in my head could get so big and real that other people could fall in, but i'd rather they didn't. I'd need a bouncer too. Maybe I should start training one, just in case...

  2. Cy, You are truely the master of puns!

    I've got the fan art section up on my blog as well. Still can't believe they gave us so much space.

    Mikki, glad you enjoyed the book (I'm the penciller/inker) :)

  3. Mikki: Glad you liked it. I've probably got two more books of Cancertown material knocking around my skull, so if enough people want it, there's more to come.

    Stephen: Cancertown fan art? WTF? This I must see.

  4. I've pointed Mikki at your blog Stephen, she is the owner of one of the books you autographed on my car's bonnet :) It just took me a while to deliver it.


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