Friday, 10 July 2009

Where My Stitches At?

Regular readers of this blog (should such an obscure cryptozoological entity exist) will by now have heard of a textile artist and friend of mine named Ferret. She's unquestionably been among my most vocal supporters since this whole comic thing started working out for me, and now she's got a book of her own - the awesomely titled "Ferreting Around". Here's the book's foreword, written by internationally acclaimed quilting god, Ricky Tims.

Every now and again, a new talent emerges in the quilt world that transcends the ordinary and is instantly unforgettable. I witnessed this first hand at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in August of 2008 when an emerging artist's name was announced again and again as a winner. Not only were her quilts fresh and exciting, but so was the artist who stepped on stage to receive the awards. It was a thrill to see a young talent making her mark in the quilting kingdom. It is obvious to quilters worldwide that the general quilting demographic is of a ‘certain’ age. It is therefore exceptional to me when someone from a younger generation latches on to this timeless art/craft and puts a fresh spin on it. To this I say, “Hear, hear!” However, I have discovered that Ferret enjoys creating her work using a variety of quilting techniques, many of which are rooted in tradition. She does not fly in the face of traditional quilting, but rather she embraces it and includes it into her extraordinary ‘quilting toolbox’.

Ferret is young and talented. But being young and talented are not the qualities that I most have come to admire in Ferret. It is her enthusiasm and heartfelt desire to share her passion with others. Many artists have a selfish side—or at least they hoard a few secrets to themselves in fear that someone else might rise above them. Not so with Ferret. She has not chosen to write a book about shocking and unorthodox techniques. Instead she polled individuals to find out what they most wanted to learn. In turn she has authored her first book with you in mind. The techniques included here range from simple to complex, but in every aspect it is written with easy-to-understand language and presented with excellent illustrations.

I am honored that Ferret asked me to write a foreword for her first book (thank you, Ferret). I hope she will pursue quilting and fiber arts as a lifelong career. If she does, you are no doubt holding in your hand a collector's item for it will always and forever be—Ferret's first book!

So, I guess it's safe to say he liked it, then.

Congratulations to Ferret. It's like I've always said, no-one ever got rich betting against her.


  1. Thanks Cy, it's certainly looking popular from the pre-orders. I can't wait to see how people take to it at the Festival. Now, I just have one quilt to finish before I load up for Bad Rain. Wish me luck :)

  2. Bad Rain is under way and on my blog.


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