Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Ferret: Survivor's Quilt

Fuck, that was knackering!

Okay, so we're back from the 2009 Festival of Quilts, and Ferret's gallery was an unquestionable triumph. She'll be putting together a blow-by-blow account of her adventures over the next few days, so I'll avoid stealing her thunder here too much and instead direct you to her blog for the full story and the all-important pictures.

I will just say that Bad Rain, her interpretation of a critical moment from chapter 3 of Cancertown, took a whole lot of people out of their comfort zones over the weekend. The response to what I was calling "the most ambitious work of narrative textile art since the Bayeux Tapestry" received universal acclaim - and actually led to double-figure sales of the book itself! Given that those numbers would be pretty impressive at a dedicated comics convention, I'd have to call the experiment a success.

Also, on a personal note: Holy Christing Fuck, wait 'till you see Ferret's Phoenix Rising quilt! She had internationally acclaimed professional quilters standing round it in slack-jawed awe all weekend.

Not sure how much practical help Nic and I were during the festival, but it's always fascinating to watch committed art enthusiasts interacting on such a large scale - particularly when there's a point of intersection and cross-fertilisation with the comics world. I wasn't at all sure what to expect, but it was inspiring to see the excitement with which that cultural collision was met.


  1. Now I want a Tardis. Because I want to go to see you in 1992 and tell you that, in 17 years, you will spend a weekend at a quilting festival. And still be fucking hardcore. In fact, be more hardcore than ever.

  2. While you are there you could give me a heads up too. Be ready to duck, I don't think I would have taken it well :)

  3. Seeing Ferret's incredible work in a gallery like this, and seeing the crowd reaction was just FOQ-ing amazing :)

  4. Sorry guys, looks like Bad Rain will be in the last section we get to, still for some viewers that's the way it works out. Tonight was nudes and the phoenix.


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