Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Lock, Stock and Kaiju Rock

Well, I've tested the water of Twitter a little bit, and find it murky but not unpleasant. Not exactly sure what it's for yet, but I'm slowly getting into it.

A couple of items of Mel Cook interest today, most prominent of which (in my mind, at least) is her completion of the colours for The Indifference Engine. In fact, since Nic Wilkinson finished lettering the book in time for Bristol, this means we're into the final proofreading stage and hopefully looking at a full launch around BICS this year. Thanks to Mel, Nic and Rob Carey for going balls-out on this one. It's always great to work with my Cancertown collaborators, and I'm already working on ways to con Rob into another go-around...

While we've got Mel on the table here, so to speak, she's currently got a T-shirt design pending approval on the Threadless site. It's a monster, so do feel free to head over there and enter a score for it. I fucking want one of these, so don't let me down.

Finally, I've just seen the latest coloured page of The Ragged Man (art by Neil Van Antwerpen, colours by Peter-David Douglas), and it's just too good not to share.
...and I'm gone.

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