Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Werewolves of Canterbury

Last Saturday was the official launch of AccentUK's long-awaited Fall of the Wolfmen, by Dave West and Andy Bloor. As always, Whatever Comics threw a full-blooded event and packed the place out for the whole day. There were even guest appearances by a couple of the book's more carnivorous characters.

From what we saw, the signing table was swamped the entire time, with Andy barely getting a moment to look up from his sketchbook. The book itself is every bit as polished and gorgeous as the first volume, and the whole event was a huge success.

Nic and I spent a long time talking with Laurence Campbell, unquestionably one of the nicest people we've met in the industry so far, and I was lucky enough to meet three new artists and scan through their portfolios. Just a few days later, I'm already in talks with one of them, Aaron Moran, about collaborating on a six-man, three-team crime book that's currently in the works. The two other guys I talked to, on the off-chance they read this, need to get in touch with me if they can, because my damn phone never received the details they sent.

Anyway, congratulations are due to Dave and Andy. I'll be back soon with the latest on the future of Cancertown.


  1. Great seeig you again Cy. If you need the email addresses of the other two artists then let me know.
    Dave W

  2. Cheers, Dave. I'll email you.


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