Tuesday, 30 November 2010

It Helps to Talk About It...

So, it turns out it takes around thirty seconds for me to get genuinely sick of the sound of my own voice - and soon, through the magic of PSP, I'll be able to offer that exact same experience to you!

It actually seemed like a simple enough idea at first - just record a few thoughts about the development process, background and structure of Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth to run as an audio commentary in the Markosia edition of the book (coming soon to the Sony PlayStation Network). Even the technical side of things wasn't complicated to organise. I put down my take on the writing approach, the construction and influences of the characters and story, the book's launch and anything else that sprang to mind. Like I said - simple.

The thing is, we're talking about a project that took several months to plan and write, then a year to turn into a finished book (through the combined efforts of a four-strong creative team) - and even condensing my own thoughts down to 30-60 second soundbites, we're still looking at a couple of hours of material spread over the six chapters. Stephen Downey has also chipped in with a commentary of his own, and I'm pleased to confirm that he's managed to slow his hummingbird-like natural verbal rhythm to a level interpretable by normal humans. I learned a lot from listening to Stephen talking through his work on the book, and came away with much to think about for future projects.

Anyway, it's all finished now and will shortly be on its way to Sony. I enjoyed putting this together, and look forward to having the chance of doing more. I think I'll get Patrick Stewart to voice me in the next one...

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