Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Southern Discomfort

Okay, first things first: Ultimate Congratulations are due to Cancertown/Slaughterman's Creed artist, Stephen Downey and noted comics model Aimee (whose likeness can be seen most prominently in Cancertown's Babyface character) on the announcement of their engagement. Full details of Stephen's awesome proposal can be seen on his blog, and the whole thing reads like a masterclass in doing this sort of thing right.

I first read about James Pearson's Bayou Arcana anthology on the Small Press Big Mouth website, and was surprised to find myself called out by name in the article. Never one to turn down an opportunity to get involved in something truly fascinating, I've pitched in a story with Nic Wilkinson signed on as artist. Nic and I have several writer/artist collaborations to our names already, ranging from the Layer Zero short, Remember This Moment to two years' worth of Starship Troopers: Extinction Protocol (a first professional comics gig for both of us), so I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into this.

The Bayou Arcana project has been described as a "horror-laced, adult faerie tale" which is a good fit for where my head is right now. Meanwhile, the ropey, aggressively organic swamp environment should play beautifully to Nic's style - so watch this space for further news of Swamp Pussy and the Hanged Man, in which a faithless lover is cursed to a hundred years of mourning in the shadow of a heartbroken tree.


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  1. Thanks again Cy!

    Looking forward to seeing more new art from Nic and of course, reading your story.


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