Friday, 18 February 2011

Aggressive Mutation: Graeme Howard Joins Cancertown 2

“Should’ve known better than to trust an angry, blinded monster with a spaz-hand and a grudge.”

Six months after the events of Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth, Vince Morley is a dangerously sick man. Bugfuck is in a psychiatric hospital, sticky fingers picking through the darkest corners of the mind that brought Cancertown into existence. The crossing points between Morley’s two realities are wearing thin and all the rules are changing.

Vince Morley, a dangerously sick man, by Graeme Howard.
Cancertown 2: Blasphemous Tumours.

Of course, that's not all that's changing for volume 2. With the arrival of Cancertown: Blasphemous Tumours, the Cancer Cell has mutated to include a new artistic talent.

Introducing Graeme Howard...

Our old friend Mister Corpsegrinder, by Graeme Howard.
Cancertown 2: Blasphemous Tumours.

...or, more specifically, his first rendition of Cancertown Big Player, the Corpsegrinder. You'll be seeing more of him, as well as lots other old friends and new faces, as launch day approaches.

Graeme is currently turning in some excellent work on Dick Turpin for our friends over at Time Bomb Comics. Markosia Publisher, Harry Markos, said of him:

"I saw his portfolio and I just I thought - Cancertown 2! Not only his art, but also his timing, was pretty much perfect. He approached us through the website just as Stephen had confirmed that, having drawn 2 full length graphic novels (Cancertown and Slaughterman's Creed) in the past 2 years, and having a lot of projects currently in development, he would unfortunately not be able to draw Cancertown 2 this year."

Stephen Downey and Mel Cook have not shaken off the infection, though. It's not that easy to escape once you've fallen in! Both of them have been working with Graeme to try to make that first step over the crossing point as easy as possible.

Based on these first glimpses into what's become of the place, it looks like it's working:

Cancertown 2: Blasphemous Tumours.
Page one inks by Graeme Howard.

Cancertown 2: Blasphemous Tumours.
Page two inks by Graeme Howard.

Stephen Downey says:

"I can't wait to see Graeme's work on Cancertown: Blasphemous Tumours. His art fits Cy's script perfectly and I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of glorious monstrosity their team-up creates. Believe me, there are some crazy ideas in this book and I just hope Graeme can keep his sanity until the end."

“I got my hand bitten off trying to save the world’s biggest cunt from something worse than him. Don’t pretend you know anything about me.”

Within Cancertown, something new has appeared – a creature of horrific violence and limitless rage. The foundations are shaking and the old powers are falling, one by one. Papercut, deadliest of the Cancertown players, seeks out Morley to claim the favour he owes her – a favour that could cost him more than just his life.

Headrush, something worse than the world's biggest cunt, by Graeme Howard.
Cancertown 2: Blasphemous Tumours.

Seeing this, I honestly wondered if this time I had written a story I'd be too scared to read!

We can no longer protect you. Cancertown: Blasphemous Tumours is coming...

The remarkable metastasis of Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth continues this week with news that the new hardcopy edition from Markosia is planned for release in June. This time, UK quarantine measures have been unable to contain the infection. Rest of the world - you have been warned!

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