Friday, 11 February 2011

Because the Sound of my Own Voice Amuses Me...

Well, I've been sick for most of this week with a clenched-up throat that I at first mistakenly attributed to having just spent a week recording a commentary track for the upcoming PSP edition of Slaughterman's Creed. Seriously, last night it actually felt like my throat was trying to make a fist. I'm mostly better now, though. Thanks for asking.

I see that the interview I recorded with the increasingly awesome SFP-Now podcast has gone live on their site. I had a really good time on this show, as I have the last few times I've been asked on there (back when it ran as a live show on Blogtalkradio). I got to talk about Slaughterman's Creed and Cancertown, of course, but I also had an opportunity to rave on some of the books coming out that I'm excited to read myself.

So, to hear my thoughts on:

a) Why Martin Conaghan and Steve Penfold's comic adaptation of Barry Nugent's Fallen Heroes offers an ideal blueprint for indie creators

b) How Michael Moreci and Monty Borror's Quarantined restores life to an undead genre

c) What Simon Wyatt's intimate understanding of the power of mythology does to enrich his powerful storytelling in Unbelievable

The show ends with an interview with Martin Klebba, unquestionably one of the most flat-out cool actors ever to win a wrestling match with a Playboy Playmate. It's Klebbaring Time!

SFP-Now is a great show, and definitely worth catching. Feel free to listen in here.

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