Tuesday, 20 September 2011

September Preview Part #3: White Knuckle

White Knuckle, for me, represents an opportunity to create something very different from my previous books. I've taken a crack at big-noise sci-fi with Starship Troopers, horror-noir with Cancertown and crime with Slaughterman's Creed, while The Indifference Engine is a nihilistic identity crisis in a bottle. White Knuckle isn't any of those things. Above all else, it's a story about self-delusion and regret - and as such it needed a careful balance of subtlety and power in the artwork.

Valia Kapadai is an artist with a strong internet following already and is one of the most over-worked names on the indie circuit, so it was nothing short of a miracle that I managed to get her interested in working with me. Having seen the intense poetry of her work on the upcoming Snow graphic novel from Markosia (written by Rich McAuliffe) and her self-published Tw1sted Vision anthology, she was literally my first choice for the book. Now, with White Knuckle's launch date hovering somewhere around early 2012, we're starting to have pages we can show around.There will be a lot more on display at this year's Thought Bubble convention in November, along with the launches of both The Indifference Engine and Broadcast: The TV Doodles of Henry Flint.

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