Friday, 23 September 2011

September Preview Part #4: Bayou Arcana

The Bayou Arcana anthology was something I first heard about through the Small Press Big Mouth website and since the book's originator, James Pearson, called me out by name in the article I decided to look into it. The anthology's concept is a powerful one, and the list of contributors represents an exceptionally strong cross-section of international independent comics talent. There are scripts from guys like Corey Brotherson and Matt Gibbs and art from the likes of Valia Kapadai, Jennie Gyllblad and Vicky Stonebridge.

My contribution, entitled Swamp Pussy and the Hanged Man, features art from the always-intense Nic Wilkinson, who has previously drawn my Starship Troopers: Extinction Protocol strip for Mongoose Publishing and several of my short stories. Nic is primarily known in the industry as a letterer these days, so it's great to see her flexing her art-muscles again. Here's a work-in-progress page from our story:
Bayou Arcana is currently set for a 2012 launch, and there ought to be many more previews on display at Thought Bubble in November.

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