Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Speaking of Rob Carey...

Rob Carey first blipped up on my radar when Nic Wilkinson, then with Insomnia Publications, picked him to draw The Indifference Engine: A Holographic Novel. Now signed to the rather less apocalypse-prone Markosia Enterprises, The Indifference Engine rocked the PSP download charts and is about to have its print release. Rob and I are already talking about a second volume, and things are looking interesting.

So the reason I bring this up now is that it turns out Rob's been nominated in the category of Best Mainstream Published Irish Talent in the ICN awards. This is fantastic news and anyone with an opinion concerning the future of comics would be well advised to go to the page and cast a vote or two. Congratulations to Rob, and best of luck for a strong showing.

Rob and I, of course, are technically launching two books at Thought Bubble next month, as he's drawn Dan Thompson's Band of Butchers story for the Tales of the Fallen anthology. That collection is available for pre-order now, and full details can be found on the Unseen Shadows website.

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