Wednesday, 22 February 2012

That New Convention Smell

As of this writing, we're three days out from the brand-new London Super Comic Con and I'm starting to feel the ground rumble under my feet at its approach. From the looks of things, this'll be the largest dedicated comic show I've ever attended, and the only one this year where I'll be actually able to walk the floors for much of the time. I've sort of shifted into sitting behind my own table at conventions these days, and it alters the whole experience.

I'll be doing my signing duties on the Markosia stand, of course, and flashing around White Knuckle previews at the slightest provocation (where provocation is understood to mean "approaching within fifteen feet of me"). Moreover, I'm looking forward to catching up with guys like Stephen Downey and Graeme Howard, and maybe even catching a panel or two.

By all accounts, the show's going to be legendary. The guest list alone is stunning, so it's going to be fascinating seeing what impact it has on the increasingly vibrant and diverse UK comic con scene.

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