Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Day with the Demon

I've hit the last three Demoncons in Maidstone, and each time I've had my expectations obliterated. With this in mind, I was beyond gutted to discover that I was going to be unable to attend due to engineering works on the lines between me and the venue.

However, timely intervention from the event's organiser, Graham Beadle, along with a truly heroic regular of his Grinning Demon store named Sean, scored us an unexpected and extremely welcome lift to and from the gig. Free creator's table plus door-to-door chauffeur service - how awesome is that? Completely fucking awesome is the answer.

Sandwiched between a diverse array of Dans (Thompson on one side and Boultwood on the other), Nic and I had a genuinely terrific day. Demoncon is a tightly focused one-day event with a strong following and a great atmosphere. The range of styles and diversity of creators on display equal any of the larger conventions I've been to, and we were again struck by the number of people who'd bought books at previous events who returned to see what else we had to show them, or who brought friends to recommend the things they'd bought previously. We were kept busy for pretty much the whole day and everyone we met was enthusiastic and open to new types of material.

It's great to see so many people I've got to know through the main UK convention circuit appearing at one-day events like this and taking them as seriously as they deserve. Orang Utan had an impressive stall, staffed by Ian Sharman, David Wynne and Holly Rose (whose first comic, Shrapnel, was on display at their table). Beyond the Bunker's Dan Thompson and Steve Penfold were selling their outstandingly surreal crime parody, Moon while Grant Perkins and Mark Laming were pretty much swamped with sketch requests all day, from what I saw.

Our day was made within minutes of the doors opening, when a lady with obviously impeccable taste walked straight in, straight up to the table, and said "I loved Cancertown, I'd like one of everything else you have!" Despite the best efforts of the universe to ruin things with the public transport meltdown and torrential conditions, the event was a fucking triumph!

So that's basically it - my Demoncon 4 experience in four hundred words or less. Thanks and congratulations go out to Graham Beadle for another brilliant day. Sign me the Hell up for the next one!

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