Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Day of the Demon

Demoncon, organised by Graham Beadle of Maidstone's Grinning Demon comic shop, has quickly grown to be a cornerstone of our convention calendar. It's local, it's well attended and it's a great example of what happens when you get things right.

This was our fourth appearance at the con, and the first where we had neither a new book to launch nor a set of previews to ram down every throat within my surprisingly wide ramming radius. It was, however, the first appearance of Cancertown 2 at a Demoncon event, which lent us an unexpected and very welcome momentum from the outset.

As I've mentioned before, the Demoncon crowd is a very focused one, on both sides of the tables. Attendees are active and interested, and you get a wide variety of creators showing off their stuff - this year ranging from Eva Perkins' beautiful and intricate nail-painting service to people selling some kind of cake sculptures that I didn't get a chance to investigate properly. Particular highlights for me included getting to meet up with the perilously talented Conor Boyle (see Mystery Project #3) along with Lizzie, his Disconnected Press partner (and skilled writer), talking with the devastatingly brilliant Yel Zamor about everything from screenwriting politics to homeopathic quackery and finally meeting scandalous letterer and World's Greatest Name contender, Nikki Foxrobot.

Our table was set in what we've now come to think of as "our spot", with Pete Mason on one side and Barry Nugent, Dan Thompson and Steve Penfold on the other like some kind of Unseen Shadows stealth invasion force.

Our major purchase of the day was the much-anticipated Porcelain, by Benjamin Read and Chris Wildgoose. It's a stunningly beautiful and hauntingly told story and well worth your attention.

We even managed to bag some unexpected art from the gig, in the form of this incredible Crosshair interpretation from Conor...

...and these concepts from Pete, depicting characters from The Company of Killers (see Mystery Project #2):

Long story short, we had a great day, sold a lot of books and whole-heartedly committed to the next Demoncon in September. It can't come soon enough for us.

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